BIDV Tower specifications


Project name/ location

BIDV Tower, 194 Tran Quang Khai, Hoankiem, Hanoi.

Landlord/ Employer

BIDV Tower Joint Venture Company

Building Management

Savills Vietnam

General information

GRADE A INTERNATIONAL STANDARD HIGH RISE OFFICE BUILDING with 25 storeys and 02 basements. A central core containing building access and amenities combined with column-free construction allows for flexible office designs and open plan work spaces. 


The Building occupies a prime location in Hanoi’s #1 CBD facing four sides of streets with easy traffic to Noi Bai International Airport and within easy reach of central government offices, leading banks and international institutions, and business services. 

Net leasable area per floor

Apprx. 1,000sqm./floor,

Main working areas in the building

Ground floor, mezzanine and 2nd floor, and floors 14-24: Transaction center and Head office of the Bank for Investment and development of Vietnam (BIDV)

* Café shop is on ground floor to serve for informal meetings, midday snacks and casual lunches.

Back up power

100% (2,000 KVA)


Central, Chillers imported from Trane (USA)

Aircon capacity inside premises: 650 BTU/m2

Curtain wall

Reflective, double-glazed glass curtain walls (Schuco, Germany) keep noise and heat at bay, resulting in a comfortable environment

Load capacity  (raised floor)


Clear hight (after finished)

2.7m between raised floor (finished) to suspending ceiling with gypsum plates imported from Japan size 600 x 600


Fully furnished raised floor, convenient for tenants to lay out cables and wires to their power devices.


Eight of twelve Mitsubishi high speed (3.5m/s) lifts serve passengers, capacity of 18 persons each


Provided by EVN, 1200 digits/ building (including ISP)


500Lx (International standard Grade A office building)


50¸60 DBA



Gross rent

Subject to each specific time, area and location (low or high zone). The rent is inclusive of service charge, but exclusive of VAT (10%)

Service/ Management charges

US$7/sqm/month is included in gross rent. The rate can be changed subject to market fluctuation and changes of the State regulation

Other payable charges and fees

Such as parking, tenant’s power consumption within the premises, overtime air-con services etc.

Fit – out period

30 days.

During the fit-out period only the Service Charge is payable at US$7 per sqm. per month.

In case the fit-out work finishes and the tenant occupies the premises earlier than scheduled, the lease agreement shall commence as from the time the tenant occupies it.


Each 250sqm/bay, at monthly rate US$130/bay; Motorbike: US$10/bay, exclusive of VAT.

Contract period

2- less 5 year agreement ®  rent review after two years

5 year agreement or more ® rent review after three years.

Payment term

Quarterly payment  in advance within first 7 days of at each quarter.

Booking deposit

01 month gross rent that will be refunded when signing lease agreement. In the contrary case, if tenant fails to sign, it will be unrefunded.

Security deposit

03 month gross rent during the lease period

Working hours

Mon. ® Fri.:          between       07:30 ¸19:00

Saturday:                                  07:30 ¸13:00

Overtime aircon services

Subject to a rate applied to all tenant (will be detailed in the Offer to Lease)


Approximately  … sqm.

Asking rent

  • Floor… , at ……US$/sqm./month

    (It is gross rent including service and management charges, but excluding VAT

Premisis plan

  • (Attached)



Is BIDV Tower satisfied?

BIDV Tower’s satisfaction details


High standard and luxury architectural design, 100% new building

Put into operation from early 2010.The Building is granted the Architect and Engineering Safety Excellency Award 2010 by BCA, Singapore (for the overseas project category)


Prime location, in CBD area

Located in CBD of Hanoi in Hoan Kiem district facing four streets - Tran Quang Khai, Tran Nguyen Han, Hang Voi and sub-street Hang Voi


Being easily found with convenient traffic

Located in the road junction of high ways and lifeline as Tran Quang Khai and Hang Voi, nearby Hoan Kiem Lake


Attractive to big, prestigious tenants



The rent is distingished from the average rate in the market.

International quality, the rent is reasonable


Being managed by a professional team

Savills Vietnam Ltd., a professional property management company


Parking space is sufficiently provided

2 basements, one mezzanine and automatic car parking system


Used high standard building materials

Curtain wall system with 24mm thick double glazed glass of Schucö company (Germany), tiles, stones of origin from India, high class raised floor, suspending ceiling DAIKEN (Japan)


Clear height between finished floor and ceiling is not less than 2.7m



Condition for Fit out work design is flexible (as “open space” type), free column

Open space (free column, beam)


Cable and wire laid with trunks under (raised) floor system and suspending systems

Raised floor is provided that is convenient for tenants to lay wires and telecom cables thereunder; suspending ceiling is  provided


24/24 security with CCTV system

CCTV system is provided for  24/7 operation


High velocity lift system with waiting time of no more than 30 seconds; At least two lifts of 6 persons capacity shall be provided.

12 high velocity lifts of Mitsubishi, including 8 passengers lifts are high velocity of 3.5m/s with capacity of 16 persons/lift), 01 fire/ service lift and three other auxiliary lifts


Equipped a central air-con system to control temperature and humidity under EU standard.

Central air conditioning system with Chillers, AHU, VAV of Trane (the U.S.A.) controlling temperature and humidity under EU standard


Back up power and automatic switch system is provided in case of electricity failure

Full power back up


The deepness of each office is between 18 – 20 meters



Common area is not exceeded 12% of total usable area



Intelligent building management system (IBMS) is provided

IBMS is provided


Luxury meeting room available and front hall is impressive

Spacious and luxury front hall and luxury meeting rooms are provided


For the high rise office buildings with no less than 250 persons inside capacity, there must be a food & drinks and refresh areas for staff, or restaurant, café, sport centre

Mio cafe shop on the ground floor and Hoang Gia club on 25th floor


High quality window frames with anti-ultraviolet ray glazed glass to be provided

Curtain wall frames and windows system with 24mm thick double glazed glass imported from Schucö company (Germany), preventing the ultraviolet rays


Grade A energy saving (the highest criteria of EU

The Building Management System helps manage and operate the building with flexible energy provision; save energy with heat-proof vacuum double glazed glass system