Facing the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, following the Government's direction regarding pandemic prevention, since February 2020, BIDV Tower has quickly deployed and seriously implemented flexible solutions to respond to it’s happenings.


In order to prevent cross-contamination, ensure the safety of tenants while maintaining the Tower’s operation and the normal business, BIDV Tower has simultaneously taken many solutions such as: measuring body temperature of all tenants and visitors at the main lobby and basement entrance daily; covering the lift button with PVC film to ensure hygiene; increasing the frequency of cleaning elevators, door handles, corridors, toilets, handrails, and public areas with disinfectant solutions; spraying and disinfecting the entire elevator cabin, public areas, toilets at the end of each day; BIDV Tower's security staff, receptionists, cleaners and technicians are all equipped with gloves and medical masks; the air-conditioning system’s air flow is enhanced to ventilate the exhaust air and the heating system is turned on, the temperature is increased for daily disinfection.  

The tenants who have come from pandemic zones or have been in contact with infected people or have symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath will be immediately notified to the Building Management Unit. BIDV Tower also regularly updates the Government’s instructions about the pandemic to promptly notify tenants and put up propaganda posters about the pandemic in the Tower lobby.

With appropriate, fast and synchronous solutions, all activities of BIDV Tower are still controlled and continuously maintained safely. In the coming time, BIDV Tower will continue to proactively implement response solutions according to the pandemic situation as well as comply with the regulations of the authorities to contribute to the country in reversing the pandemic, bringing a a safe working environment for tenants and partners.  

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